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The notes appearing in the columns below show the last three texts I have written or ancient texts that I found (to read all the text, click on the title). The others can be found on the shelves corresponding to their subject or to the context in which they have been written, but also through the order "Search," up here, writing its subject in the white space.

This texts can be freely reproduced. Please indicate te source.

A NEW SHELVE: I was surprised by the many videos existing in the YouTube with my interviews and conferences. I decided then to put them at the disposition of those interested, in a new shelve: VIDEOS 


only in portuguese

only in portuguese

Us entreguem la conferencia sencera de en Francisco Chico Whitakuer dins del marc del 3er Seminari Internacional de convivència Planetària:Construïm una Biocivilització organitzat por l’Associació IMAGO Catalunya al mes d’abril de 2014


I tried before a blog, with the same objective of this site. But one blog serves better for communication people, who continuously inform and analyze the facts that are happening. Moreover, the blogs open space for commentaries that of course wait for answers. In my blog I did not arrive to answer to who wrote me, beyond the difficulty in keeping it updated. That is why I am now building a site, that functions slower and accept even a little bit of dust on it... But as it is not interactive, I will leave here my Internet address to those wanting to communicate with me ( I have also a blog, only in portuguese, with articles related to its title: "alow us to dream": (, These artciles come also later to this bookshelves.