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2013-07-23 - Entrevista Entre Aspas Reforma Política - Chico Whitaker - Vacareza

2013-06-25 - Entrevista Chico Whitaker na TerraTV sobre a mobilização de junho 2013

2011-07-21 - Especial Eleições 2010: Chico Whitaker

Especial Eleições 2010: Chico Whitaker, ativista social

TV Estadão | 5.10.2010

Em entrevista a Felipe Machado e Roberto Godoy, um dos organizadores do ‘ficha limpa’ fala sobre o projeto e sua influência no resultado das eleições em 2010

2010-12-01 -
  Lula and the soap opera of the Clean Record law Article about the meaning of the nomination, to be made by Lula, of the 11st. Federal Minister of the Supreme Court, in the vacancy created by Eros Grao Minister retirement, since the two recent judgments made by the STF in the proceedings related to the law of the Clean Record ended up in a tie (5-5). Published on the website of Capital Letter on 25th November 2010 (link: Available only in Portuguese
2010-10-20 - Each ten years a step
  Existing only in portuguese (in the shelve Participação Popular)
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