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2010-10-26 - If I can dream
  If I can dream This article, I have just writen, presents the challenges that, in my opinion, we would have to face in Brazil, and that were not touched in the campaigns of the candidates who are in the second round of the elections for the Presidency of the Republic.
Existing only in portuguese
2010-07-25 - For a maximum of two mandates
  (existing only in portuguese)
In July 2010 I made a proposal to create a movement, aiming to put into discussion the limitation on the number of elective mandates, so that political representation does not become a profession. I send this proposal, presented here, to some friends. Many persons attended one first meeting (which report is also on this site, on the Bookshelf "political reform"), which decided to follow up and further develop the proposal. Those interested can contact me through my blog
This text was published in the Brazilian edition of Le Monde Diplomatique of August 2010.
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