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What are these shelves?
2010-08-08 - "what are these shelves?"
  I write a lot about what I think, live, learn and want to tell people with whom I interact. It is my way to clarify my ideas, trying to understand things ... Some of these writings are published, others not. From time to time people ask me for this or that text. Or I want to send them to my friends. And then I don't know how to find them among my papers or in my computer files.

Since computer technology today gives us that chance, I have created these virtual shelves to store my texts in an organized way, grouping them by subject, and presenting them in the chronological order they have been written. As the acces to these shelves is openned, I can tell whoever asks me for some text: please look for it in one of my shelves. And myself I can find it more easily...

I'll be delighted if this site, besides facilitating my life, is also useful for others.

My participation in the World Social Forum process is intense, leading me to write much about it, its meaning and its methodology. Some of these texts are translated in the different languages used in the Forum. As there are people from other countries interested in them, I thought that I could facilitate their access also through these shelves, using the flags up there on the right (evidently volunteer translators of those not yet translated are welcome…).

And an I openned a shelf for "quoted articles", written by other persons, to which I refered in my texts.
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